So, World 4 Dead, eh?

We love the game, just like you

Days, weeks, months, years have passed.
Yet, it’s impossible to escape the wonderful series of Left 4 Dead.
There’s simply no denying that you and I, we, love these wonderful games.

You may think it’s a bit late, but why not combine the love that we still have deep in our undead hearts and be a tight community once again?

We come up with ideas!

This may come as a shocker, but you’re not the only one wishing to see the game/community improve!

We’ll brainstorm often to try and come up with ideas and discuss them with either the community and/or developers.
These ideas can either be related to general bugs and possible improvements to competitive play, or general community/tournament stuff.

We host events.. for you!

All this talking makes us tired, and surely the reading is tiresome for you guys as well.
Which is why we’ll provide some fun stuff too!

  • Connector.


    2 Teams get paid to Face-Off against eachother, these will either be high-skilled teams or highly-requested showmatches.

  • Connector.


    A public announcement will be made, which will allow Teams to sign-up for one of these Tournaments.

    After the Sign-ups end, Teams will get the chance to prove their skill and battle their way to the top, where they will receive their deserved prize money.

We provide support!

Got a problem/question related to Left 4 Dead (2) or Streaming?
Don’t fret, we’re here to help!

As this website is fairly new, we don’t have much helpful stuff around here just yet, which is why you will need to seek support through the Steam Group for now.

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